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International Social Sciences Conference China to Adriatic is a series of internationally organized academic events organized by the Institute of Economic Development and Social Researches (IKSAD) with the participation of hundreds of distinguished academics expert in the field. The first four congresses of this series were held in various regions of Turkey. The fifth congress in Tokyo between September 18-25, 2017; The sixth congress in Ankara between 29-31 March 2018; The seventh congress in Baku between 11-14 October 2018; The eighth congress was held in Kabul University in Afghanistan between February 27-28, 2019; The ninth congress was held on 20-23 March 2019 in Antalya; The tenth congress was held on 14-16 June 2019 in Rome; Eleventh  was held in Bursa between 8-10 November 2019. The twelfth congress was held in Afghanistan between 23-24 October 2020. And thirteenth in Ankara in 2021. From the first day the conference is chaired by Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS.



Organized by İKSAD, ICSSCA XIII will be held in Ankara on 19-20 July 2021 as in-person, poster presentation and virtual forms. Contributions in Education, Business, Economics, Language, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences will be presented at the conference. The accepted papers will be published in proceedings book and in one of the scientific journals provided by the congress.


I'm very pleased to have participated in ICSSCA -Rome. The conference was a very useful experience - many interesting topics, great presentations, excellent research, pleasant people. I met many academics from different countries and listened many interesting papers. Congratulations for the organization. I hereby recommend the ICSSCA conferences and advise all colleagues to participate in the all future conference.
Natalia Gorgiladze, Russia

The ICSSCA -Japan conference provided an important opportunity to promote research by scholars from different countries. The conference was very useful for the exchange of knowledge and skills.
Aytolkun Kundebayeva, Kazakhstan

“The ICSSCA -Baku conference has provided an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trend of research in the field of social sciences by sharing interesting research studies and promoting communication between scholars from diverse academic backgrounds.” 

Nazile Abdullayeva, Azerbaijan

“One of the great things about ICSS is that corresponding ability to respond and orient the participants in right way. Secondly, I have never before seen such effectiveness and efficiency in organization of the conference like that. You are doing a great job for the careers of academics. I have not had a single complaint about conferences by IKSAD. My only regret is that I could not participate in the conference in-person to ICSSCA in Rome.”

Daniela Garcia, Spain 

Last application date
25 May 2022

Registration Payment 
24-28 May 2022

Program Announcement
1 June 2022

Full paper submission deadline
(full papers are not mandatory)
20 June 2022

Congress Proceedings Book Publication 
5 July 2022​

We invite you to our congress where hundreds of academicians from more than ten countries will attend.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS

Congress Chairman


Prof. dr. Mustafa TALAS

Congress Chairman

Ömer Halisdemir University, Nigde - TURKEY

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